Grab Lunch Outside At Kitchen Sync

Young people sharing a pizza
Have you noticed that food tastes better when you’re outside? That’s especially true when you eat at Kitchen Sync in Greenville. When you dine here, you can grab a table outside and enjoy a delicious meal. The food is so good that it can get busy, so you’ll want to... [read more]

Service Your Vehicle Near Greenville!

Technician performing an oil change
Does your car need service, and you’re trying to decide where to take it? You’re trying to choose between a mechanic shop and a dealership. If you need to service your vehicle near Greenville, taking it to a dealership is the right choice. Let’s go over some benefits that you’ll... [read more]

Check Out A Local Bookstore

Blurred bookshelves of bookstore with colorful books.
E-readers like the Kindle might be on the rise, but nothing beats curling up with a physical book. The weight of the book and the feeling you get each time you turn the page can’t be replicated on a digital device. You also can’t beat the experience of browsing through... [read more]

Summertime Calls For Kabobs

Chicken Skewers on cutting board
Summertime and kabobs go together like peanut butter and jelly. If your kabob game leaves something to be desired, though, you might be considering taking this dish off the menu this summer. Instead of swearing off kabobs, try these tips. With these kabob tips, you will make the best kabobs... [read more]

Upgrade Your Glass Vases In A Snap

Neutral colored home decor
You can dress up your glass vases in an instant with DIY chalk paint. You’ll make the chalk paint and then use it to change the look of your glass vases. This project is simple, and the results are stunning. Also, because it’s so easy, you can change up all... [read more]

Find Your Dream Car When You Finance With Us

Man signing car insurance document or lease paper
Buying a new car is quick, easy, and stress-free when you finance through a dealership. You can secure an affordable monthly rate and take home your new vehicle on the same day. Let’s go over why financing at the dealership is the right choice when buying a new or pre-owned... [read more]

Make A Fresh, Fruity Recipe This Summer

Shot of a young woman making a snack with fruit at home
Summer is the perfect season to enjoy fresh fruit. Instead of having a handful of fruit here and there, you can try new ways to incorporate them into your meals! There are so many fun dishes you can make with your fruit. Let’s see how you can get creative with... [read more]

Celebrate Graduation Creatively This Year

Teenage girl wearing graduation gown and cap greeting her family on video call
Graduation postponements and cancellations have happened all across the country this past year. If you or your loved one's graduation has been put on pause or canceled due to safety concerns, we have good news. You can still celebrate — safely of course! Take a look at the many ways... [read more]

Simple, Basic-Ingredient Recipes

Cacio e Pepe - spaghetti with cheese and pepper
What’s fun about cooking is you can experiment with so many different ingredients. Although, just because you may be running low on groceries doesn’t mean you can’t whip up something delicious. Here are a few easy pantry recipes that we think you will enjoy the next time you need to... [read more]

Signs You Need New Tires

Car mechanic removing tire from car
Tires play a very important role in the safety and overall performance of your vehicle. After all, keeping up with your tires should be second nature to you if you are wanting to take care of your vehicle, so let’s take a look at some of the ways you can... [read more]