Summertime Calls For Kabobs

Chicken Skewers on cutting board

Summertime and kabobs go together like peanut butter and jelly. If your kabob game leaves something to be desired, though, you might be considering taking this dish off the menu this summer. Instead of swearing off kabobs, try these tips. With these kabob tips, you will make the best kabobs of your life.

Stick to One Ingredient Per Skewer

You probably thread your skewers with tons of ingredients. Then, when you bite into the kabobs, you realize that you have cooked some components to perfection while others are over or underdone. It’s hard to enjoy your kabob when you have to eat around half the ingredients. You can avoid this problem by sticking to one component per skewer.

If you’re worried about the presentation, take the ingredients off the skewers when you’re done and then let everyone build their kabobs. They can choose the ingredients they want, put them back on skewers, and dig into the deliciousness.

Cut Each Ingredient the Same Size

It’s also essential to make sure that each ingredient is cut to the same size. This will ensure that the ingredients cook at the same rate. Otherwise, your small chunks might burn while your large pieces don’t cook through. Don’t worry if something is a slightly different size, but keep it as close as you can.

Make Sure the Ingredients Have Enough Room to Cook

Instead of jamming the skewers with ingredients, leave a little bit of room between each one. Putting a bit of space between the ingredients allows the heat to cook all sides. Then you will end up with food that’s cooked to perfection on all sides.

Secure Ingredients With Two Skewers

When you put ingredients on a skewer, flip it and see if everything remains stable. If the ingredients twist and twirl, thread them through a second skewer. This simple tip stabilizes the ingredients so you won’t have to worry about them moving around when you flip the skewers.

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Know the Cooking Times

Make sure you cook all the ingredients long enough. If you’re adding mushrooms to your kabobs, put them on the grill first. They generally take the longest to cook, clocking in even longer than meat. Onions can also take longer than meat to cook, so put them on the grill ahead of time. Just don’t put them on really high heat, or they won’t soften.

You’ll want to put your tomatoes on last. They only need to cook for one to two minutes. Be sure to turn them a time or two while cooking and take them off the grill before they get mushy.

Try these tips the next time you make kabobs. You’ll be shocked by how much better they taste when you use these simple tips.

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