Upgrade Your Glass Vases In A Snap

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You can dress up your glass vases in an instant with DIY chalk paint. You’ll make the chalk paint and then use it to change the look of your glass vases. This project is simple, and the results are stunning. Also, because it’s so easy, you can change up all your vases with ease. Get the details so you can upgrade your glass vases with chalk paint.

Get the Ingredients for Chalk Paint

You’ll need to gather a few things to make chalk paint. The chalk paint recipe requires:

  • 1 cup of water-based wall paint in any color
  • 1 tablespoon of baking powder
  • A plastic container
  • A mixing stick
  • A foam or bristle brush

How to Make the Paint

Once you have the ingredients, you’ll be ready to whip up a batch of chalk paint. Pour the cup of paint into the container and add the baking powder. Use the mixing stick to stir the paint and baking powder. It should fluff up a bit and then turn into a consistency similar to mousse. Don’t worry if it doesn’t fluff up. Just add a bit more baking powder, and that’ll do the trick.

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Painting the Vase

Next, use your foam or bristle brush to paint the vase. A foam brush is ideal if you want a smooth look. However, if you prefer the texture, go with a bristle brush.

After applying a coat of paint, let it dry for an hour. Then go back and add a second coat of paint.

Keep in mind that this paint dries quickly and doesn’t store well. That means you need to gather all the vases you want to paint before you start the project. Then paint them all at once, or you’ll have to go back and make another batch of paint. Also, don’t wait longer than an hour before applying the second coat. If you do, it might not be usable anymore. Then you’ll have to mix another batch for the second coat, which could be problematic. The second batch might not quite match, so you won’t have the outcome you want.

Finally, don’t be afraid to play with colors. While you can use a single paint color, you can also mix different colors to get the desired look. For instance, if you want a terra-cotta vase, mix brown, white, yellow, and red paint. That will create the look you want.

This project is unbelievably simple, and you’ll love the results. Test it on a vase, and then try it on others. You can transform all your glass vases in an afternoon with this project.

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