Celebrate Graduation Creatively This Year

Teenage girl wearing graduation gown and cap greeting her family on video call

Graduation postponements and cancellations have happened all across the country this past year. If you or your loved one’s graduation has been put on pause or canceled due to safety concerns, we have good news. You can still celebrate — safely of course! Take a look at the many ways you can celebrate this milestone while staying socially distant.

Video Chat Parties

Take advantage of technology, and use video chat as a way for your family and friends to get together for a celebration. This is such an easy and convenient way for everyone to send their best wishes to the graduate, and of course, to show off the new cap and gown.

Record a Video Tribute

Reach out to your friends and family and request they record a message for the graduate so you can have a celebratory video ready to watch at home. Also, a cameo is a great surprise too. If your student looks up to someone famous or in the spotlight, chances are they are on Cameo. You can request a specialized shout-out from them to add to the video compilation. Kudobaord is another awesome way to get everyone together, as anyone can contribute to one card, adding photos, videos, and more.

Themed Graduation Photoshoots

Now that you have this extra time, you can get as creative as you would like with your graduation photos. You can have some fun and do a theme, make a custom backdrop, and more.

Gift Scavenger Hunt

Ask your family and friends to send all gifts to you so you can make a scavenger hunt with them around the house. This is a great way to create a festive mood at home.

“Take Me Back to Childhood” Party

There’s nothing better than a healthy dose of nostalgia to lighten the mood. What did your student love to do when they were little? You can recreate these memories for one night. Your graduate will be more than thrilled.

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