Celebrate National Peach Pie Day With These Recipes

A slice of peach pie on a white plate on a white and yellow checked tablecloth
If any fruit deserves its own designated day, it's the juicy, summer-perfect peach. National Peach Pie Day falls on August 24 and reminds us that now's the time to enjoy your favorite fruit in what may be its sweetest incarnation. Get your just desserts when you whip up your own... [read more]

5 Great Hikes Near Greenville

Couple enjoying themselves while out for a hike.
Nestled comfortably in the Carolina foothills, Greenville is surrounded by breathtaking views of natural beauty in the area. Ranging from all levels of difficulty, these five hikes are sure to reestablish your wondrous sense of nature, all right in your backyard.  Bald Rock Considered to be the easiest hike to make the... [read more]

Spend Your Afternoon At Falls Park On The Reedy

Rocks in stream with smooth flowing water
Conceptualized in the mid-1980s, the Carolina Foothills Garden Club began their work on a master plan to revamp the beauty of Falls Park as well as to provide a safe gathering spot for individuals and groups. This dream finally came to fruition in 2003 after the Camperdown Bridge was removed... [read more]

Take A Look Into The 2019 Honda Civic

2019 Honda Civic
When it comes time to shop for your next fuel-efficient car, you want to make sure you’re getting the perfect vehicle to fit your everyday needs. From new features, interior design, performance, and more you want to make sure that your vehicle matches your lifestyle. That’s why our friends at... [read more]

3 Things You Need To Know About Oil Changes For Your Car

motor oil pouring in auto shop
Your car’s engine needs clean oil to function properly, so keeping up with your regular oil changes is an essential step in safe vehicle care. As the beating heart of your vehicle, the engine can experience serious wear and tear if it doesn’t have sufficient oil to lubricate those moving... [read more]

Best Ways To Buy A Car From The Comfort Of Your Home

Woman shopping for a car on her laptop
Remember when buying a car meant driving around town from dealership to dealership, strolling the lot, and picking out your favorite vehicles? And then, if you couldn't get the deal you wanted, you'd have to start all over. It's easier these days. Dealerships have evolved to meet customers' needs and... [read more]

7 Signs You Should Get New Brakes

Closeup of a mechanic replacing car brake pads. The car is lifted with hydraulic jack at eye level.
Though driver assistance suites and features have come a long way, and certainly make your vehicle safer, your brakes are still one of the most important pieces of safety equipment in your car, and it's important that they're in good working order. Look for these seven warning signs that you're... [read more]

You Can Have It All In The New 2020 Chevrolet Blazer

red Chevy Blazer against a white background
Any good SUV should offer comfortable accommodations for all your passengers, and you can count on Chevy to go far beyond the basics with style and power. The 2020 Blazer follows up a debut just one year prior with sports car inspired design and a brawny engine, and it’s ready... [read more]

Save Your Garage Floors With These 15 Garage Floor Mats!

Interlocking protective heavy duty rubber flooring tiles inside a garage.
If you're tired of the old, cracked, worn-down flooring in your garage, try laying down garage floor mats. They'll protect your floors from further damage and keep everyone safe from slipping on spills. Interlocking Garage Mats Like the colorful mats you've seen in gyms, these interlocking mats fit together to cover as... [read more]

Explore The 2020 GMC Terrain

GMC Terrain in grey over white backdrop
The modern SUV must stand up to the needs of today’s drivers, who find themselves commuting every day, hauling loads of groceries and cargo, and breaking away with family and friends whenever adventure calls. It pays to have a vehicle that can do it all, and the GMC Terrain multitasks... [read more]