Entertain Your Little Ones With Finger Paints

Cute little boy is having fun with finger paint

Keeping kids entertained is no easy task. They can get bored in an instant, so you have to plan an itinerary full of things to do. If you’re running out of ideas, consider finger painting. Edible finger paint is safe for kids, and it is also easy to clean up. Once you have some finger paint, try these different ideas. You just might have as much fun as your little ones when you take on these fingerprinting crafts.

Autumn Handprint Tree

It might be summertime, but this Autumn Handprint Tree craft is great for all seasons. Plus, you don’t need many materials to get started. Gather white, black, red, yellow, and blue paint. You’ll also need a sheet of white cardstock and some Q-tips. Then, your kids can show off their skills while creating a beautiful tree. You’ll love the painting so much that you’ll want to save it as a keepsake.

Footprint Rocket

They might be called “finger paints,” but your kids can paint with their feet as well. This Footprint Rocket painting is the perfect example of that concept. You just need red cardstock, small red pom-poms, gold glitter stars, light-blue paint, and a few other materials to get started. Oh, and you’ll also need some feet that are ready to step into the fun.

Fingerprint Dandelion

This Fingerprint Dandelion project is also a blast. You just need a small paintbrush and white, green, and brown paint to turn cardstock into a field of dandelions. Are you feeling extra creative? Make a fingerprint trail, so the dandelions look like they’re blowing in the wind. It might sound complicated, but it’s really easy to master.

Family Fingerprint Project

Are you looking for something for the entire family to do together? If so, check out this Family Finger Paint Project. Have everyone dip their fingers into the paint and then leave fingerprints on the cardstock. Then, you can turn the fingerprints into birds. It’s absolutely adorable, and it’s easy to make. You also have the freedom to change up the project and use your family’s fingerprints any way you like. Get creative and come up with a unique concept, or stick with the birds. Either way, you’ll fall in love with the painting.

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Bubble Wrap Beehive and Finger Print Bee Craft

If you’re looking for more of a challenge, this Bubble Wrap Beehive and Fingerprint Bee Craft is perfect for you. You’ll use bubble wrap, paint, and a few other materials to make the craft. This craft does involve cutting with scissors, so you’ll need to help out if you have small children.

These finger painting crafts should keep your little ones busy. You can join in the fun, too, and enjoy some family bonding time. Then, after you finish, you’ll have some artwork to display.

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