Keep Your Vehicle Organized This Summer

Couple organizing groceries in their car's trunk.Summer is a time filled with road trips, weekend camping excursions, and trips into or away from the city. For most of us, it’s also the busiest time of the year. And when life gets busy, it’s important to get organized.

Consider how much time you will spend in your vehicle this summer. Now consider if your vehicle is as organized as it should be. No matter what the answers to those questions are, here are a few helpful tips to organize your car into the perfect summer traveling machine.

Phone Holder

For those who don’t have an infotainment system built into their vehicle, they will need a phone holder. This helps with navigation, music, and keeping both hands on the steering wheel. There are tons of great cell phone holder options available online. But if you’re looking for a DIY approach, simply wrap a rubber band around an air vent flap. Then you can pull the rubber band around your phone to hold it in place.

Trunk Organizer 

There are several ways you can effectively organize your trunk. But it all depends on how your trunk is used. One effective method is to section off different areas in your trunk for different purposes. Create a section for work-related materials, one for groceries, and maybe one for an emergency kit. You can achieve this by something as simple as adding and securing plastic boxes to your trunk. If that doesn’t work for you consider plastic drawers or shelves. Only you know what fits your lifestyle, so try creating a custom trunk to keep you organized during summer.

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Additional Tips

Now for a few quick suggestions to improve summer in your car. Try keeping an empty lidded container, like a pill bottle or empty mint can in your center console for spare change. Other tips include:

Hopefully, these tips help you keep on top of all that summer throws at you. Think of different ways you can improve your vehicle’s organization too! If you run into any issues this summer don’t hesitate to call Bradshaw Automotive Group. We’re happy to help assist any of your vehicle needs and want to make sure your summer is everything it can be.

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