Check Out These Easy Spring-Cleaning Tips From Good Housekeeping


Spring has finally arrived, and that means that some much-needed spring cleaning is in order. Cleaning your home in the spring can make it feel fresher and healthier, which is exactly what you want when you’re heading into the warmer months of the year. At the same time, you don’t necessarily want to spend all your time cleaning when you could be outside and enjoying the warmer weather. If you want to get your house clean fast, you should check out these spring-cleaning tips from Good Housekeeping. With just a little bit of effort, your home will be sparkling clean in no time at all.

Work on Your Windows

You may not even notice how dirty your windows get, but you might be amazed at how much dirt and grime can build up on them over time. Obviously, that’s not something that you’ll want to deal with, so remember to give them a good clean at this time of year. A hint to keep in mind? Make sure you wash your windows on an overcast day as too much sun exposure can cause streaking. Following this tip will have your windows looking as clear as possible.

Clean Out Your Microwave

One spot that you might forget about cleaning is your microwave. This piece of equipment can get pretty dirty, especially considering the fact that you probably use it almost every day. Take some time to clean it out thoroughly. Wondering what to use to clean it that’s as natural as possible? You can always go for some dish soap and vinegar, which won’t leave behind any residue like other cleaning agents might.

Organize Your Junk Drawer

The dreaded junk drawer. Almost everyone has one in their house, and it just ends up collecting the odds and ends that don’t have a place anywhere else. If yours is looking especially messy, you should take the time to organize it. Once you organize this space, you can use it for items you need to keep track of. That way, you’ll never be left digging through this drawer looking for something again.

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Get Rid of Expired Products

Don’t hang on to stuff just because it’s sitting around the bathroom. Make sure you get rid of any products you don’t really use or need, and your space will feel much cleaner and more organized.

With these few simple steps, your place can look much cleaner in no time at all. Start your spring-cleaning routine today.

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