6 Easy Tips To Keep Your Floors Clean This Season

Young woman cleaning with vacuum cleaner

When it gets colder out, you’re probably spending more time indoors. That’s great, but it can also mean that your floors get dirty more easily. Obviously, this is something that you’ll want to avoid as much as possible. Keeping your floors clean on a regular basis can be tricky, but by following some helpful hints, you can make sure they are always sparkling clean – or close to it, at least. Check out these easy tips.

Know What Type of Floor You Have

First things first. Pay attention to what type of floor you have. This will determine the best way to clean your floor. After all, there are different ways to clean hardwood and tile. Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell what kind of flooring or finish you have on your floors, so pay close attention and get the information you need before you start cleaning.

Straighten Your Space

It’s going to be difficult to clean your floors if there’s a bunch of stuff in the way. Therefore, before you begin, you’ll want to straighten up your space. Make sure there’s nothing in the way that will prevent you from getting into every corner.

Start by Sweeping

The first step in getting your floors clean is to just start sweeping. This will get most of the major stuff off the floor, which gives you a clean slate.


While sweeping will get all the major stuff off your floor, vacuuming will help make sure everything is up. While this can be a time-consuming process, you’ll be glad you did it when you see how clean your floor is going to be. Use attachments to get into those tricky corners that may otherwise be difficult to get into.


For some floors, mopping might be a good option. For example, tile floors love to be mopped. However, just be sure that your floor can handle a lot of moisture before you start mopping. Some wood floors won’t be able to stand up to that much liquid.

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Now that you’re done with actually cleaning your floor, there are lots of ways to make it shine, depending on what kind of flooring you have. This will make your home look and smell as fresh as can be.

With just a few simple steps, you can take your home from being a mess to having the sparkling clean floors you’ve always dreamed of. Try out these tips today!

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