Spice Up Your Photoshoots

Young man using a DSLR camera in a forest in autumn

Autumn is a beautiful time of year with its radiant colored leaves and photogenic hot beverages to enjoy. There are many fun opportunities for gorgeous photo shoots this season. If you’re not sure how to best capture creative, unique fall photos, we’ve got some tips for you. Try these four autumn photography tips to get picture-perfect photos.

Color Coordination

Wear colors such as orange, yellow, brown, and red. This way, you’ll coordinate with the warm colors of the outdoors. This tactic isn’t always desirable in photography, but it’s perfect for fall because of the richness of the seasons’ colors.

Morning Light

Take photos in early morning light during fall. The light at this time of day is softer than the popular golden hour light later in the day. Make sure you use the light to the most of its abilities. If you’re taking portraits, direct light is best. If you’re going for a hazy look, use backlight. If your end goal is more cinematic photos, then use side light for the best results.

Wide-Angle Lens

Fall is a perfect time to do more landscape photos because of how beautiful nature is during the season. Using a wide-angle lens will help to fully capture both the subject and their surroundings if you’re doing landscape photos. This can make it easier to take photos that look strange and distorted if you use the wrong angles, so keep in mind to avoid such angles if possible.

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Indoor Photoshoot

If you’d rather stay inside for your fall photoshoot that is not a problem. You can still bring the essence of fall inside your home. You can really emphasize a model’s personality when you’re inside their home, so take advantage of that. Take pictures next to a large window with great lighting if possible. Use props such as fall-themed mugs, décor, or throw blankets to keep the cozy and warm vibe.

These tips will help take your autumn photoshoot to the next level!

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