Beginner’s Guide To Deep Cleaning Your Car Interior

A man cleaning car with microfiber cloth.Has your vehicle seen better days? Everyone’s rig needs a deep cleaning session from time to time. If you follow our beginner’s guide, your vehicle will come out looking and smelling like spring flowers. We’ll focus on a few key categories including carpets, windows, and hard surfaces.


One of the most important keys to effectively clean the surfaces inside your car is to start by dusting or wiping everything down with a dry cloth. If you go straight to disinfectant wipes or wet rags you will end up with condensed dust residue left behind. You’ll also clump dust together in those hard to reach places like cup holders. Once you’re done dusting, then you can transition to cleaning with disinfecting sprays or wipes. It’s important to follow this order if you want to achieve the best results without having to double over your hard work.


Begin by removing the floor mats of your vehicle. After that, the next step depends on how much effort you’re willing to give this deep clean. One option is to shake the mats out, the other is to shake them and then give each one a couple of good whacks. You’d be surprised at how much dirt continues to explode from the mat.

After a couple of hard-fought rounds with your floorboards, return to your corner and take at least a half-hour break. That’s no joke. But before you start your break, be sure to sprinkle a small amount of baking soda across the mats and remaining areas of your car’s floor. Once the baking soda has sat for a half-hour or more, all you have left to do is thoroughly vacuum your vehicle.

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This one is simple. Make sure you clean your car’s windows. That includes the inside and outside of the windows. Oh, and don’t forget the inside of your windshield! It’s the easiest part to forget, but the most important window to have clean in your car.

Now your car’s interior is cleaner than it’s been in ages. It’s important to stay on top of cleaning to avoid deep cleans. It’s also important to stay on top of vehicle maintenance to avoid costly problems. If you need any help keeping your car running smoothly, contact our team at Bradshaw Automotive Group.

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