Get Your Yard Ready For Spring By Following This Guide

Father and his little son mowing the lawn together at home

Spring is here! After the last few months of cold and wet weather, it is time to get your yard ready for the new season. Winter weather leaves the plants of your yard frail and weak after being settled under a layer of moldy foliage for months. It may take a bit of elbow grease to bring your yard back to life! Take a look at this six step guide to getting your yard ready for spring.


The first thing you will need to do for your yard is clean it out. Get rid of any twigs, leaves, and trash that has piled up over the winter. You can use a rake to gather unwanted debris in your yard. If you have a leaf blower, that could make things even easier. While you’re at it, get rid of any old yard décor or children’s outdoor toys that are no longer wanted.


We treat ourselves, so why not treat our yards? Fertilize your yard to feed your grass. Apply a pre-emergent to your yard to prevent crabgrass. Add a weed-killer to your yard to get rid of unwanted plants growing. Lower the cost by purchasing a combination product that only needs one application.


Mow your yard as soon as it is dry enough. Instead of mowing your yard just once a week, mow your yard every time you feel like it needs it. Mowing every four to five days is the best way to develop a thicker grass texture.


Line your flower beds with a heavy mulch product. Encircle your trees and bushes with mulch as well. This will enhance the look of your yard while also protecting your roots from harmful weeds. Mulch improves the soil underneath with replenishing nutrients.


Prune your trees before the leaves start to come out each spring. If dead branches are not cut off, they can kill the entire tree. When a tree falls, it can cause property damage to you or your neighbors or even hurt someone. Be proactive with your trees and trim the branches.

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Seed your yard in the fall. If you seed your yard in the springtime, the weed-killer and pre-emergent you sprayed will prevent the seeds from germinating.

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