Take A Hike At Caesars Head State Park

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Have you been spending most of your winter indoors? You love staying warm and cozy, but you can’t help but miss the fresh air and sunshine. Fortunately, you can get all of the fresh air you want at Caesars Head State Park in Cleveland, SC. This park has over 60 miles of hiking trails that you can access for a small admission fee. Trail access is $3 for adults and $1 for kids, while children 5 and under get in for free. Get the scoop on what you’ll find at the popular outdoor destination and make plans to head over this season.

Hiking at Caesars Head State Park

Hiking is a popular pastime at Caesars Head State Park, thanks to its impressive trails. The Raven Cliffs Falls trail is the park’s crown jewel. If you embark on the 4-mile trail, you’ll wind through the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area, all the way to the scenic overlook. Then, you can look down at Raven Falls. The massive 420-foot waterfall is well worth the hike, and you’ll want to snap a few pictures before heading back. And since this is just one of six waterfalls at the park, keep that phone ready for additional photos during your visit.

If you want the same view but with a little extra work, you can take the Suspension Bridge Trail. Marked as “moderately strenuous,” it’s over 6 miles in length and will also take you to the falls. You’ll get a different vantage point from this trail, allowing you to view the falls plunging into the cove.

You can up the intensity even more with the Dismal Loop Trail. The trail comes in at more than 8 miles and is “very strenuous.” With an elevation of over 1,200 feet, you’ll cover a lot of ground during your hike.

These are just some of your choices when hiking at Caesars Head State Park. There are options for all experience levels, so you’re sure to find a trail you want to tackle.

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Spot the Wildlife

With more than 13,000 preserved acres, this place is full of wildlife for you to see during your hike. You never know what you mind find, including Green Salamander and black bear. Oh, and be sure to mark your calendar to come back sometime this September through November. You’ll be able to see hawks migrating through the park during this time.

It’s hard to explain just how impressive Caesars Head State Park is, so head over soon to experience it for yourself. Then, you can immerse yourself in nature via the various hiking trails and scenic overlooks.

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