Try These 10 DIY Fall Crafts

autumn wreath on front door

Every season of the year brings new colors and a different feel to the air. For example, the temperature is cooler when fall arrives, and leaves begin to change. You can complement the new season by decorating your home. There are plenty of do-it-yourself crafts to check out. These are fun and will look great in your house this fall.

Dried Flowers

Nothing says fall like dried flowers and leaves in a vase. You can place these in various spots around your home. For example, a coffee table or kitchen table are prominent areas to display these. Pick flowers from your yard, or grab some from a local nursery. After a few weeks, they should be sufficiently dried out.

Use Wool

You may have made crafts from wool. For instance, clothes and tablecloths are common from this material. You can try making fall-themed items out of wool, such as pumpkins or acorns.

Conker Crafts

Conker crafts are a fun way to create necklaces, animals, or even people figurines. You and your kids can gather horse chestnuts from the yard and use your creativity to go to work. You can then display these throughout your home.


If you have pine trees on your property or nearby, you have an easy DIY craft. You can even purchase some from a craft store. You’ll also need some glue to affix pom-poms or other materials. Thus, you can make animals or other autumn objects.

Painted Pumpkins

Pumpkins are undoubtedly the perfect fall decoration. If you’re not into carving them, it’s easy enough to paint them. Paint leaves, flowers, or other designs on your pumpkins and put them anywhere at home or in the yard. You have plenty of options here.

Leaves and Paper

Paper and leaves from your garden make delightful decorations. Glue the leaves on the paper to create animals that your kids see every day in the yard.

Pumpkins to Make Figurines

Pumpkins and other fruit can also make fun figurines. You need a small decorative pumpkin or apple and some hay or straw. Then grab some ribbon or string, a pin for a nose, and a marker for the eyes and mouth.

Autumn Leaf Wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. Purchase a bare wreath from a craft store. Then pick or purchase colorful leaves to glue on. You can arrange these in any way you would like.

Acorn Crafts

Similar to chestnuts, you can use acorns to make cute little animals or figures. Glue on some felt pieces for eyes, noses, and wings. Furthermore, use any color you wish.

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Ornamental Jars

Lastly, a simple jar filled with leaves and topped with a ribbon is an attractive addition. Moreover, paint the jars fall colors for some more flair.

So try these crafts today for your home. Without a doubt, you and your kids will love spending time creating them.

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