Try Something New At The Southern Growl Goat Roast

Southern Growl Goat Roast

You’ve probably tried a wide variety of meat in your life. Whatever your favorite is, you always have the chance to try something new, and you can do just that when you come out to The Southern Growl Goat Roast. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. This is your opportunity to try goat out. Whether you’ve had it before or it’s your first time, you’re likely to be surprised by just how good it tastes here. And since goat is one of the most sustainable sources of meat, you can feel good about making a smart dietary decision for the planet. Who knows? It may just become your new favorite.

The Third Annual Goat Roast is happening on Saturday, July 20, at The Southern Growl, and you can grab food from the kitchen anytime between noon to 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Admission is free, so all you have to pay for is the food. It’s both family- and dog-friendly, so feel free to bring your little ones and furry friends along. Of course, you have to be 21 years of age with a valid ID to drink, but everyone can eat and join in on the fun!

The Menu

You know you’re going to get the chance to try some goat, but you may be wondering exactly what the menu looks like. You’ll be getting tacos, but you’ll find that there are several different options, so everyone can find something that they’ll like. Of course, you’ll get to enjoy barbacoa goat, but there are also other delicious options like buttermilk chicken and carne asada beef. You’re also going to have to try out the shrimp ceviche and the wide variety of Southern-inspired sides. There will also be veggie options for the vegans and vegetarians out there, including black bean and seared sweet potato tacos.

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This isn’t just a special food event. It’s also a chance to hear some local bands play their tunes. There are going to be several artists playing there, so you’ll get to kick back and listen to some music while you enjoy your meal. Brother Oliver, My Girl, My Whisky, and Me, and a third talented artist will perform, so you are sure to be entertained while you’re there. It’s a great way to be with family and friends, enjoy a delicious meal, and spend time at one of the best restaurants in the area. What are you waiting for? Make your plans to attend today.

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