Plan Your Visit To The Greenville Zoo

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The Greenville Zoo, a fixture of Cleveland Park since 1960, sits on 14 acres and is home to hundreds of animals. The zoo began with animals from South Carolina and the surrounding region. However, it quickly expanded to include a monkey dome and other wonderful animals from different continents. The Greenville Zoo is proof that you can pack a lot of fun and excitement in a small place. So, maybe it’s time to plan your visit.

Go on a Secret Safari

The Greenville Zoo is open almost every day of the year, except for certain holidays and two weeks in February for annual maintenance. Currently, the zoo hours are from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. People who buy their tickets online ahead of time can save on prices at the gate. Of course, a membership provides free entrance to the zoo and many other perks. Large groups should call ahead if they need special accommodations.

You can explore the zoo the usual way and walk the paths. Or, you can go on a secret safari and look for special clues along the way. You can check the website and explore the zoo for clues and updates on the next secret safari. Kids can head to the Kids Korner for more information about how to get started or if they get stuck.

The Giraffe Cam

Check-in on Miles, Providence, and Autumn day or night via the Greenville Zoo’s Giraffe Cam. This live cam is free to watch and lets zoo-goers and people from around the world see how the giraffes are doing whenever they want.

Special Tours

While you could walk through the zoo park in less than two hours, you’d also probably miss many great details. Get a behind-the-scenes tour for your group and discover all the hidden gems of the Greenville Zoo. Tour participants can learn how the zoo prepares food for all the animals. After that, meet some zookeepers who care for the animals and get up close and personal with many zoo residents for a unique zoo experience. But you’ll want to book this special tour a few weeks in advance. So, call ahead if you’re going to schedule a behind-the-scenes tour.

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Big Fun in a Small Area

Over 90 species of animals call the Greenville Zoo home. These animals are organized into particular areas in the park. First, as you enter, you may hear the primates before seeing them. Then you’ll see the farm animals and the reptile house. If you head toward the very back, you’ll end up in the lagoon, home to many animals, including the colorful flamingos. The paths will guide you to all the cool exhibits. However, there are so many things to see that you might want to plan more than one visit.

Have you been to the Greenville Zoo lately? If not, it’s time to check it out!

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