Give The Gift Of Family This Holiday Season

Young woman in animal shelter

You can give the best gift of all this holiday season by adopting a pet at the Greenville Humane Society. By providing a forever home to a dog or cat, you’ll make a friend for life, and your family will feel complete. Get the details about the process so that you can take the next steps.

View Pets and Fill Out an Adoption

You can view the pets and print out an adoption application on the Greenville Humane Society’s website or Facebook page. Facebook is an excellent resource, with photos and write ups on adoptable pets.

Because you cannot reserve pets, it’s important to hurry if you find a pet you’d like to welcome to your family. However, don’t worry if the pet you want is gone. You’re still likely to fall in love with another one when you’re at the Greenville Humane Society.

Meeting the Pets

Next, you’ll need to visit the Greenville Humane Society to see the pets and drop off the preliminary application. Both walk-ins and reservations are welcome in limited numbers each day.

Once you arrive, you can meet a pet you saw online or look at multiple dogs or cats. The staff can also try to pick an animal for you based on your needs and lifestyle. For instance, if you have another dog, they can help you find a dog or cat that’s good with pets in the home.

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Spend Time Bonding

The staff wants to make sure that each animal is the right fit for the new home. Thus, you will get to bond with an animal that you’re interested in adopting. You can spend up to 30 minutes with the dog or cat. That will give you time to play and gauge the pet’s personality.

Before long, you’ll fill out the adoption paperwork, pay the fees, and leave with your new buddy. You’ll make your new furry friend’s dreams come true, and your family will feel complete as well. Stop by the Greenville Humane Society soon so you can give the best gift of all this holiday season.

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