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Parent giving her child a Christmas present

Christmas time is a special season for many, but for others, it’s a reminder of struggle or loss. There are many children around the world, and right here in Greer, South Carolina that will go without a Christmas this holiday season. In partnership with Greer Relief, Bradshaw Automotive Group is here to make sure that doesn’t happen in our community, as every child should experience the joyful bliss of Christmas. Furthermore, every parent should feel the accomplishment of putting gifts under the tree for their child and the Christmas Morning Shoppe can help!


Greer Relief is here to restore families and their spirits, by not only helping them out of their situations but making sure they don’t return to these conditions. Greer Relief has been helping families in need during Christmas since the early 1990s, but years ago, instead of simply fulfilling a family’s Christmas wish list, they decided to let the parents do so. Greer Relief’s RENEW program stands for Reaching Every Neighbor Every Way. These classes help families back on their feet, including teachings on budgeting, nutrition, arts, job resources, and more. When participating in the program, a family will have the opportunity to visit the Christmas Morning Shoppe, which will allow parents to shop and gift presents to their children.

A True Christmas Shopping Experience

Greer Relief designed this Christmas shopping experience inspired by The Dream Center of Pickens County “Santa Shoppe.” Not only will this put smiles on children’s faces and presents under the tree, but the idea of parents giving their children presents provides a sense of accomplishment and dignity. In 2020, 350 children received presents under their tree, valued at $250, which totals to $87,500 in donated Christmas presents.

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Bradshaw Automotive Group

We are doing our part, and we ask that you offer a helping hand to the community! Thanks to our generous staff, we have provided presents to over 30 children in need as we believe no child should go without a Christmas.

Help stock up the Shoppe with toys by exploring these wish list items. For more information or to find out how you can make a difference, click here!

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