Show Off Your Creative Side With These Spring DIY Crafts

White hydrangea bridal bouquets in mason jars on white dresser with mirror

The flowers are blooming, and the sun is peeking out from behind the clouds. It is time to freshen up your home décor for springtime! Show off your creative side this spring with these adorable DIY crafts.

Watering Can Door Hanger

Grab a trendy watering can from your local outdoor store or garden center. If you already have a watering can, freshen it up with some vibrant spray paint. Plant seasonal flowers inside with potting soil and seeds. If you want something more low-maintenance, place some fake spring flowers inside with hanging greenery for a more realistic look. Secure it to your door with a hook and twine.

Seed Packet Wreath

Save your flower seed packets for this craft idea! Secure your flower seed packets to a foam wreath using straight pins. Add in a few fake flowers and ribbon as finishing touches. This wreath will look wonderful on an outdoor patio or garden door or even hanging on the wall inside your sunroom!

Mason Jar Flower Centerpiece

Grab a few mason jars from your pantry and paint them with your favorite spring colors. Add fun designs or little flowers if you want. Use these as flower vases for your dining room or coffee tables around your home. Pick fresh spring flowers to place inside these gorgeous, yet simple, centerpiece vases.

Colander Planter

Spray paint your metal colander with a bright color. Use twine or ribbon to wrap the colander’s handles to create a hanging mechanism. Fill the colander with potting soil and a hanging plant of your choosing. Secure the colander planter to your front porch so all of your guests can see it!

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Framed Flower Pinecones

Head out into your yard and gather up pinecones of every shape and size. Use a knife to cut off the top of the pinecone so that all you have left is the bottom few layers. Turn the bottom of your pinecone upside down. Paint the bottom of the pinecone vibrant or pastel spring colors so that it looks like a flower. After the paint dries, secure your flower pinecone to a frame. Now you have a beautiful piece of springtime wall art!

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