Optimize Your Outdoor Experience With These Pool Storage Ideas

Parents camping in the backyard with their baby boy

In the summertime, you and your family members look for ways to cool off and beat the heat. Having a swimming pool is a great way to do this — and have fun. You don’t even need a full-size in-the-ground pool to combat the summer temperatures and the sun. A wading pool can still offer some laughs and cooling down. When you aren’t using your pool, make sure you store it safely. There are some useful tips to get the most out of it.

Turn it into a Sandbox

Kids love pools, but youngsters also enjoy playing in the sand with toys. A backyard sandbox can provide hours of fun for your kids. You don’t even need to spend the time and money putting one in when you have a wading pool. For example, fill the kiddie pool with some soft sand, and it instantly becomes a sandbox. You can cover it with a tarp to protect it. Furthermore, when you’re ready to use it as a pool again, simply dump out the sand, rinse it out, and fill it with water.

Have a Backyard Campout

A responsible parent wouldn’t allow his or her kids to sleep outside in a wading pool. However, if the pool doesn’t have water in it, it can make a fun better for having an under-the-stars campout. Put a few blankets in the empty wading pool and have a campout minus the water and sand.

Use it as a Cooler

Along with backyard swimming, barbecues and picnics are hallmarks of summertime activities. For instance, you might plan some get-togethers over the Fourth of July or for any weekend or evening in the summer. These occasions call for an assortment of beverages you’ll need to keep cool. Moreover, you may want to include some offerings of ice cream and other frozen treats. Take a kiddie pool and fill it with ice. Next, place your drinks and treats inside to keep them cool. This method offers easy access to the drinks and goodies.

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Storing Your Pool Toys and Gear

With a pool comes pool toys and other items. These may include floating toy animals, balls, and pool noodles. You may also have arm floaties, goggles, masks, and flippers. For all of these items, you’ll want a place to keep them clean and safe for the next use. A great idea is to use a clothes hamper to keep track of these belongings. You can place the hamper by the door leading to the backyard or leave it somewhere outside where it can stay dry.

The hot summer months in Greenville, SC, can be a lot cooler when you have a pool. For all your swimming adventures this summer, try these fun ideas.

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