3 Things You Need To Know About Oil Changes For Your Car

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Your car’s engine needs clean oil to function properly, so keeping up with your regular oil changes is an essential step in safe vehicle care. As the beating heart of your vehicle, the engine can experience serious wear and tear if it doesn’t have sufficient oil to lubricate those moving parts and keep cool under the hood. Consider these important factors when determining when you need to bring your car in for its next oil change.

Your Car Shows Signs

While you should always keep up with a regular service routine, we know that many drivers lose track of their schedule and let their oil change slip by. If you go too long without an oil change, you can notice a pronounced drop in your vehicle’s performance, and mechanical damage might follow if you don’t act. Listen out for a knocking sound coming from your engine while driving, and when you get out, be aware of any odd smells rising up from under the hood. Your exhaust may emit smoke as well. Your car might have a dipstick so that you can inspect the oil by sight, and if it’s low, dirty, or dark, it’s time to visit the service center.

The Timing Varies

Experts recommend checking the oil level once per month, as your car might occasionally benefit from topping off the oil between oil changes. Depending on where you look, you might see general recommendations to change your oil every few thousand miles. While consistency is key, the actual mileage can vary by model, so it’s best to speak with your service expert about what you drive and how you usually drive it.

The Type of Oil Makes a Difference

Drivers now have the choice between conventional and synthetic motor oil, and while synthetic is often recommended for its heat resistance and long life, it is typically the more expensive option. If your car runs well on conventional oil, talk to your service center staff about which is better for your car and your typical driving. As with your maintenance schedule, it’s also smart to check your owner’s manual to see what the manufacturer recommends.

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