Impress Your Turkey Day Guests With These DIY Hacks

baby pumpkins and Happy Thanksgiving message

Are you going to host friends and family for Thanksgiving? While your delicious meal is sure to impress them, you don’t have to stop there. If you want to wow your guests, these DIY Thanksgiving decorations will do the trick. Everyone will be blown away by the décor and love the festive atmosphere. And as a bonus, the decorations are simple to make, so you can earn some accolades without putting in tons of hard work. That means you can save your energy for making the turkey.

Corn Husk Wreath

Let your guests know you’re in the Thanksgiving spirit as soon as they arrive by making this Corn Husk Wreath for your front door. With corn husks, feathers, and gold glitter craft paint, this wreath is sure to grab your guests’ attention. Now, that’s the way to let people know you’re ready to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Rustic Turkey Centerpiece

Do you feel a little stressed when it comes to choosing a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table? That stress will melt away when you make this Rustic Turkey Centerpiece craft. You’ll start with a twig pumpkin and transform it into a turkey that’s sure to turn some heads. The centerpiece contains all of autumn’s best colors, and it’s so adorable that you’ll be a little sad when it’s time to put it in storage.

DIY Mini Pumpkin Candle Holders

Every detail counts during the holidays. Thus, your standard candle holders won’t do during Thanksgiving. Instead, stick with the holiday theme by making these DIY Mini Pumpkin Candle Holders. This project is about as simple as it gets, and you’ll love the results. Once you finish, you’ll want to add some candles to your Thanksgiving table.

Thankful Tree

You can get your kiddos in on the crafting fun with this Thankful Tree project. You’ll use bare twigs for the tree and then attach paper leaves. But that’s not the best part. Your kids can write things they’re thankful for on each of the leaves. Then you can put the trees around your home to remind you of some reasons to celebrate the season. Your guests might get inspired and want to add some leaves to the trees as well. That could be a fun project to tackle after the Thanksgiving meal is over.

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Turkey Magnets

You’re going to be running back and forth to the refrigerator when hosting Thanksgiving. That’s a good reason to make sure your refrigerator is full of holiday cheer. You can do just that by making these Turkey Magnets. Then you can use the magnets to stick notes of gratitude to the refrigerator.

These crafts are so easy to make that you can tackle them all in a day. Then you can cross decorations off your to-do list. With one less item to worry about, you can put some extra time into preparing a mouthwatering meal.

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