Spend Your Day At The Greer Heritage Museum

Couple Enjoying Art Exhibition in Museum

The past, the present, and the future are connected in ways that can be hard to understand. However, you can peel back the curtain with a trip to the Greer Heritage Museum in Greer, SC. This museum gives insight into the people, businesses, and places that helped make Greer what it is today. You’ll learn how the past impacted the present and might even get some ideas of what the future will hold. Admission is free, so head over and soak up the city’s history. Even if you’ve lived here your entire life, you’re sure to learn a thing or two after exploring this museum. Get some more info so you’ll be ready when you visit the museum.

Explore the Artifacts

The heritage museum has an impressive collection of artifacts on display. From framed cards to newspaper clippings and photographs, the artifacts are beautifully curated and paint a picture of Greer in its infancy leading up to today.

While there is much to explore, the Greer Senior High School yearbooks stand out. The museum has all the yearbooks from 1955-1970, so you can flip through and find your loved ones. If you are a second or third-generation Greer resident, you’ll love searching for family members while exploring the museum.

Meet the Early Residents

Greer wouldn’t be the place it is today without its early residents. You’ve likely heard a thing or two about James Manning Greer, but he’s just one of the numerous people that shaped the city. The museum highlights an assortment of notable residents, including World War II veteran Clifford L. Harpst.

While the museum celebrates accomplishments, it doesn’t shy away from the dark side. Take Martha “Mattie” Ann Hughes, for instance. Accused of murdering her husband, she quickly rose to infamy. However, it wasn’t a clear-cut case. She was tried three times, with each ending in a mistrial, before the state gave up. You can learn about the case and her life at the museum.

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Speak to the Staff

As you walk through the museum, be sure to speak to the staff. They are well-versed in Greer’s history and always willing to share stories and information. In addition, they bring the exhibits to life by adding additional information. Between their stories and the exhibits, you’ll walk away with a good understanding of the city.

Stop by the next time you have some free time so you can soak up the history. The museum is fun and informative and the ideal spot to spend a couple of hours.

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