Try Out Funnel Delicious For A Sweet Treat


As kids, we grow up enjoying the small things in life – like going to the fair with our family. The rides. The games. The snacks. If you grew up going to the fair each year, chances are you enjoyed stopping by the funnel cake stand. With crispy dough and powdered sugar sprinkled on top, it was the ultimate dessert after a long day of riding rides and exploring all the fair had to offer. Perhaps you have fond memories with your parents or friends, all sitting on a picnic bench huddled over the delicious creation.

The good news is that you can keep reliving these memories at Funnel Delicious! This restaurant takes the funnel cake idea to an entirely new level, giving you a variety of fun funnel foods to enjoy!

Funneling Fun Food for You!

Funnel Delicious is a restaurant that specializes in fried desserts, loaded fried potatoes, and even coconut water smoothies! Located at 155 August St, Greenville, SC 29601, Funnel Delicious is convenient and nearby for those of you in the area. Treat your kids to a fun day out and about, and then stop by for a sweet ending.

If you’re planning a birthday party for your little ones anytime soon, you should also consider contacting Funnel Delicious for a unique snack kids will love! Just fill out a Special Event Form on the website. And they don’t just stop at birthday parties. Whether you’re hosting an office party, a wedding, or another special event, Funnel Delicious is certain to be a hit among guests!

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On the Menu

Obviously, you can find various funnel cakes here. In fact, there are a variety of specialty funnel cakes that you can enjoy such as the Elvis Cake, S’mores Cake, Cookies N’ Cream Cake, and Birthday Cake.

For the French fry-lovers among us, you’ll appreciate the fried spuds and various toppings you can consider like bacon, chili, cheese sauce, and sour cream. Other fried foods include fried chicken and cheese. If you’re looking to cool down, be sure to try the famous coconut water smoothie. They also have other smoothie options such as strawberry and pineapple. Funnel Delicious takes all of the true foods that you would find at a festival or fair and puts them under one roof, allowing you to relive your childhood for just a moment. Stop by to get a traditional funnel cake and learn more about the other food items as well!

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