Experience A South Carolina Staple At Groucho’s Deli

preparing sandwich in the fast food restaurant.

Since 1941, Groucho’s Deli has committed to offering the freshest and highest-quality ingredients, recipes, and service to the Columbia community. The founder, Harold Miller, earned his “Groucho” nickname from his iconic appearance, but locals knew he was always ready with jokes. At his deli, he made his original recipes for salad and sandwich dresses, potato salad, and more. Today, Groucho’s Deli is still in the family, serving up “Fast, Fresh, and Original” subs and salads. Experience a South Carolina staple at Groucho’s Deli.

Innovative Sub Experiences

Creating fresh and delicious subs with deli meat sliced on the premises would be enough to develop a loyal following. But Groucho’s offers a unique sandwich experience that packs a ton of flavor into each bite. Famous for its Dippers, Groucho’s has created belly-filling subs and paired them with original recipe sauces. The recipe for Formula 45 Sauce has remained a staple since 1945. In addition, you can choose one of several comfort food favorites made in original ways at Groucho’s.

A Columbia Icon

For over 80 years, Groucho’s has been the go-to neighborhood deli. But the links to the past don’t hold the deli back. In fact, they’ve taken the good things, such as Harold’s original recipes and creations, and they’ve brought them forward to today. Groucho’s isn’t stuck on what once was. Its app helps you connect with the deli, earn points, and order what you want whenever the craving hits. You can get regular updates and a birthday surprise when you sign up for emails.

Groucho’s Gives Back

Caring for the community is a core value of Groucho’s, so they’ve devised the Groucho’s Gives Back program. Organizations can apply to take part Monday through Thursday and earn a percentage of to-go sales. However, not every location can offer the Gives Back nights currently. Nevertheless, you can choose the location when you fill out the application.

Expanding Throughout South Carolina

For a long time, there was the one and only original Groucho’s Deli on Hardin Avenue in Columbia. But since 2000, Groucho’s has franchised locations in South and North Carolina and Georgia. Now, more people can experience the soups, salads, sides, and satisfying subs that started so many decades ago. While there are currently dozens of locations, Groucho’s continues to expand slowly. The deli ensures that each shop has the support they need. It enables the shops to produce the same incredible flavors that make the original Groucho’s a staple.

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Let’s “Meat” at Groucho’s Deli

Luckily, Groucho’s is open every day of the week, so you never have to wait too long if the craving strikes. You can meet your friends at Groucho’s between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m., Monday through Saturday. On Sunday, stop by for a satisfying lunch between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. And while you can order when you get there, you might prefer ordering ahead of time through the app. Thus, everything will be ready when you arrive, and you can get to it even faster. “Meat” you there!

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