Challenge Yourself And Your Friends At An Escape Room In Greenville

Escape Room

You’ve always known you’re something special. You would make a great private investigator, but instead, you’re stuck in an office all day. Let those private investigation skills get to work at an escape room in Greenville. You’ll be “locked” in a room with your friends, and you’ll have an hour to solve the clues and break out. Think you can do it? Then book a room at one of these venues.

Escape Artist Greenville

If you love a challenge, check out the Escape Artist Greenville. People come here for the fascistic staff, challenging puzzles, and fun assortment of rooms. The Fallout room is the top choice here. Where else can you battle against your buddies in a race to survive? You’ll be split into two teams, and both will try to escape the apocalypse. The winner gets bragging rights and the loser…well, things don’t look too good for the losing team. It is an apocalypse, after all.

Greenville Escape Room

Greenville Escape Room is another top pick. The games are great for teambuilding, a family outing, or a night out with friends. The clues are difficult but not impossible, so if you are a creative thinker and good at solving puzzles, you’ll be the star here. See if you can make a new personal record when you hit this escape room.

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Breakout Games

Breakout Games is crazy fun, and all the rooms are private. That means if you book a room, you won’t have to worry about sharing it with strangers. The staff here is really nice, and they are known to give some extra hints if you’re stuck. If you like to play by the rules and only want the three hints that are allowed, no worries. Just let a staff member know up front, and you’ll only get the allowed number of hints. Of course, that could mean you end up locked up forever….

If you don’t get locked up forever, you’re going to need to drive home after the escape room. Wouldn’t it be fun to make that drive in a new vehicle? Bradshaw Automotive Group in Greer, South Carolina, has the Chevy, Buick, or GMC for you. Head over before the escape room, so you’ll have a getaway vehicle in the parking lot ready for you after you escape.

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