Clean Your Ride Like A Pro With These At-Home Detailing Tips

Man worker in car wash polishing car.

How many times have you said the words “Oh my car is so messy, sorry” as a friend hops in to go somewhere with you? You don’t have to be embarrassed by your messy car anymore. Check out these tips and tricks for cleaning your car! Follow along and your car will look like its been detailed by a professional!

Keep Your Leather Clean

Spilled coffee, sauce from a on-the-go fast food restaurant meal, all kinds of stains from children –  our cars see the worst of us and they are with us through thick and thin. Take care of your car and clean off the stains on your leather upholstery! You can use this Leather Master Leather Care Kit with Ink Lifter to remove the stains in your car easily.

Recolor Your Plastics

If your car’s vinyl siding is beginning to fade, or it just doesn’t look they way you want it to, you can paint it! Spray on several layers of colorant, waiting 5-10 minutes between each layer, then let the paint dry for around 24 hours. Check out this Color Coat for your car!

Repair Leather Tears

If you find a small rip or tera in your leather, fear not! It can be repaired! You won’t be able to make it perfect without completely replacing the section of leather, but you can repair it so that it doesn’t rip any further and it will look much better than a hole! Check out this Leather/Vinyl Repair Kit!

Scrape Away Goo

Stickers from maintenance checks, dealerships, and previous owners can leave pesky goo all over your car! High-quality stickers will peel off, leaving no residue on your car, but unfortunately if you try to peel off a cheaply made sticker, you will be left with a gummy residue that is near impossible to remove. Check out Goo Gone to remove any sort of grease or sticky goo from your vehicle!

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Use the Right Tools

Use a microfiber cloth instead of a sponge when you are cleaning your car’s exterior. Sponges capture gritty pieces in their pores which can cause scratches and paint damage. Once there is a small bit of grit inside the sponge you are using, you might as well be wiping your car with a sheet of sand paper! Check out this Microfiber Car Wash Mitt!

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