Have The Best-Decorated Pumpkin On The Block


If you’re like many people, then you tend to decorate your pumpkins the same way year after year. Maybe you decide to carve a scary face into them or just put them outside your home without doing much to them. Of course, that’s fine, but maybe you want to take things to the next level this year. That doesn’t have to be hard when you read up on some of the best pumpkin-decorating tips around. Follow these tips, and you’re sure to have some of the best-looking pumpkins on your entire block.

Flower Moon

Forget about taking all that time to actually carve your pumpkin. First of all, it’s messy, and it really can be a hassle. Plus, once you do that, your pumpkin won’t last long. Instead, if you decide to keep it whole, you can keep it around all season long. Looking for a way to decorate your whole pumpkin? Try a flower moon design. All you have to do is paint it a solid color. Black looks great for the holiday. Then, you can trace the shape of a moon on it and press flowers into the shape. That way, you have a beautiful pumpkin that barely took any work to make. How easy is that?

Flower Vase

This year, there is one trend that’s on the rise. Making your pumpkin into a vase is a terrific way to make a unique and classy decoration that’s perfect for any party or get-together that you want to throw. Simply paint your pumpkin a solid color and then take out the insides. Make sure the hole in the top is large enough to add as many flowers as you want. Arrange your flowers and stick them inside, and you have a stunning decoration that everyone will love!

Home Address

A home address pumpkin is a simple design that makes your home more visible to visitors coming over – perfect if you are throwing a Halloween or autumn party. Simply trace and carve your home address numbers into your pumpkin, and everyone will be able to tell where your house is – even late at night!

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Skip the scary faces this year and carve a cute owl into your pumpkin instead. Not only is this an adorable pattern, but it’s perfect for the little ones to try if they want to lend a hand.

Now that you have so many ideas, it’s time to try them out. Find your perfect pumpkin and get decorating today.

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