Accessorize Your Buick

2020 Buick Encore

Accessories aren’t just for completing your favorite fall outfit, they’re also for your Buick! Your car deserves little extra touches just like you do. Your purses, jewelry, and scarves are the same as your Buick’s interior pedal covers, floor liners, and wheels. All of them help pull together and complete the desired look. Need more information on the best car accessories? Here are our three favorite ways to accessorize your Buick.

Interior Enhancements

You’re the one who spends the most time inside your car, so make sure it looks exactly as you’d like it. There are many helpful interior accessories such as pedal covers, universal tablet holders, or even illuminated door sill plates. Pedal covers are essential if you’re unhappy with the size, shape, or grip of your current pedals. Universal tablet holders can secure your phone to a fixed place on your dashboard so you’re not constantly looking down to check directions. Illuminated door sill plates look stylish while also protecting your door sills from scratches.


You have to have wheels, so why not pick ones you love to look at? With multiple size options and many style combinations, Bradshaw’s wheel options are perfect to accessorize your car. These wheels are engineered and tested for their quality, so you can rest assured you’re getting safety along with style.

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Floor Liners

Cleaning your car can become a huge hassle without floor liners. Floor liners can come in rubber or carpet finishes. Rubber finishes are very resistant to water and other liquids. They can feature ridges and lines that help hold any spills in place until you have time to clean them. Carpet finishes help lock in dirt and dust until it’s time to vacuum. Either one is helpful because you can pull the floor liners out when it’s time to clean and save yourself from the uncomfortable hassle of reaching in and around your car floor.

Choose to embellish your Buick with floor liners, wheels, or interior additions this fall season.

Stop by and grab a new accessory for your Buick at Bradshaw Automotive Group today!

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