5 Great Hikes Near Greenville

Couple enjoying themselves while out for a hike.Nestled comfortably in the Carolina foothills, Greenville is surrounded by breathtaking views of natural beauty in the area. Ranging from all levels of difficulty, these five hikes are sure to reestablish your wondrous sense of nature, all right in your backyard. 

Bald Rock

Considered to be the easiest hike to make the list, Bald Rock offers incredible views less than fifty feet from the parking lot. Featuring a panoramic view of the foothills, the Bald Rock Preserve is a great place to view sunrises and sunsets without hiking miles into the wilderness.

Sulphur Springs

A local favorite, the Sulphur Springs hike offers a large lakefront area that is perfect for picnics or family gatherings. Commonly used for elementary field trips, the Sulphur Springs hike is an excellent child-friendly hike that sparks imagination and supports a healthy lifestyle. Although this hike can seem laid back, the park also offers challenging mountain bike trails within 1,500 acres.

Foothill Trail

This hidden gem covers nearly 80 miles between Oconee and Table Rock. Equipped with rare flora and fauna, scenic waterfalls, and deep gorges, this hidden backcountry trail has adventure at every turn. The park features picnic grounds, museum-quality exhibits, and even short trails around the visitor center.

Table Rock

Perched atop a 2,000-foot summit, Table Rock gives you a 360-degree view of the valley below. Although this hike is considered to be more strenuous, it is by far one of the most rewarding when it comes to breathtaking views. The 3.6-mile ascent winds through open forest land, a field of huge boulders, and across numerous creeks.

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Rainbow Falls

This steep 5-mile hike through Jones Gap State Park is one of the most rewarding hikes to make our list. Well worth the effort, the trail ends with a gorgeous 100-foot waterfall plunging from a granite precipice. Well known for bird watching, fishing, and numerous hiking trails, Rainbow Falls offers views that are simply beautiful.

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