Come To Greenville Fashion Week

Greenville Fashion Week

Greenville Fashion Week

There’s something about fashion that’s just so fun. It’s a way to show your personality just with what you wear. And for those who love to show off what they’re all about, it really can’t get better than some creative fashion. Well, if you want to play a part in the local fashion world, then you have to make sure you come out to this year’s Greenville Fashion Week. This weeklong event is going to be all the rage. Not only will you get to see some of the season’s best styles, but you’ll also get the chance to mix and mingle with industry professionals and local trendsetters. Could you think of a better way to spend your week? Learn more about how you can participate in Greenville Fashion Week below.

All About Fashion Week

You’re going to want to make yourself as free as possible on Fashion Week, so you have to know when it’s going on. It will begin on Oct. 31, and it will continue to run until Nov. 2. That gives you several days to enjoy all the events that will be going on.

Now, check out the ticketing information, so you can decide which ticket option is right for you.

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Buy Your Tickets Today

When you decide to come out to Greenville Fashion Week, you have quite a few different ticket options to choose from. After all, it’s not just one event – it’s several events spaced out over a week. Therefore, you should check out the full schedule, so you can decide which events you want to go to most.

Want to see everything that Fashion Week has to offer? If so, then an All-Access VIP ticket is the way to go. It costs $364.95, and it comes with everything to make your week feel super special. You’ll get access to the Fashion Village, front-row VIP seating at the shows, an open bar at the opening ceremony, red carpet access, and so much more.

Of course, that may be a bit too much for you. In that case, you can choose an All Access General Admission ticket instead. You still get to see all the shows and get access to the kick-off party. Plus, you’ll get the chance to mix and mingle along the way. These tickets come in at $199.95.

And if you just want to go to one or two of the events? You can also buy single tickets for those, as well. Check out all of your options online!

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