Save Your Garage Floors With These 15 Garage Floor Mats!

Interlocking protective heavy duty rubber flooring tiles inside a garage.

Interlocking protective heavy duty rubber flooring tiles inside a garage.

If you’re tired of the old, cracked, worn-down flooring in your garage, try laying down garage floor mats. They’ll protect your floors from further damage and keep everyone safe from slipping on spills.

Interlocking Garage Mats

Like the colorful mats you’ve seen in gyms, these interlocking mats fit together to cover as much or as little of your garage floor as you’d like.

  • ProsourceFit Puzzle Exercise Garage Floor Mat – Though originally intended for use in a gym, these are excellent in garages, too.
  • Performance Tool Protective Garage Floor Mat – This interlocking mat is lightweight, water-resistant, and size-customizable.
  • SuperMats SuperLock Heavy Duty WeightLifting Mat – These sturdy, interlocking squares are made from commercial-grade, recyclable rubber. Win-win!
  • Speedway Diamond Garage Floor Mat – This mat system comes in a myriad of colors, locks firmly together, prevents mold growth, and can handle the weight of multiple cars. What more could you want?

Roll-Out Mats

These easy-to-install mats are perfect for those who want a great product with very little manual labor involved.

  • Rubber-Cal Coin-Grip Flooring and Rolling Mat – A mat that’s aesthetically pleasing and practical? Count us in. With three color options and stain-resistant material, this is a winner in anyone’s book.
  • IncStores Nitro Grade Garage Flooring Rolls – This roll-out mat is heavy enough that it will secure itself, and made from 100% premium polyvinyl, so it’s easy to clean and cut to fit your garage.
  • Armor All Charcoal Garage Floor Mat – This mat can absorb up to 5x its weight in liquids, and you can cut it to fit the exact size you need.
  • Pro-Lift Foldable Garage Floor Mats – The unique design of this foldable mat allows you to move it hassle-free whenever you need to.

Carpet-Style Mats

  • Drymate OSM2896C Large Garage Floor Mat – Stains? Not with this garage mat. This high-performance product can even trap motor oil, so your garage floor can remain stain-free.
  • KALASONEER Oil Spill Garage Floor Mat – Though it looks like you’d use to scrub the floor, this handy mat will keep even oil from staining your garage floors.
  • Drymate Max Garage Floor Mat – This is ideal for a single garage and perfect for keeping you from slipping on spills.

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Other Floor Mats

Still looking for something to fit your needs? Try one of these mats:

  • ESP 1AMGPL Airmatrix Garage Floor Mat – This durable product is made of polypropylene and is actually a pack of 100 pads that can be used to clean spills and minimize slippage.
  • AutoFloorGuard Compact Size Garage Floor Mat – Made of commercial-grade polyester scrim fabric, this mat is designed to stay clean and in place for a long time.
  • BLT G-Floor Ribbed Garage Floor Mat – This heavy-duty mat is ready for anything you throw at it. With stain-blocking and liquid/dirt-trapping technology, your floors can stay pristine.
  • Club Clean Floor Protector Garage Floor Mat – This mat has two layers, a top microfiber layer for maximum absorption and a lower layer that traps harmful liquids.
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